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Our company consists of a mother and two daughters; all from Guadalajara, Mexico.  Graciela (Mom) and Claudia continue to reside in Mexico but remain in close contact with Jessika who moved to the United States in 2018 to get married and had the idea of bringing these beautiful products to the United States.

Graciela is originally from Sonora, Mexico by way of Monterrey and now Gudalajara.  She is the creative force behind many of the products you see.  She meets with the people making the product and has influence over what designs work and which ones do not.

Claudia handles much of the logistics of getting these products and shipping them both within Mexico to customers as well as to Jessika and her customers in the United States.  Claudia also helps Graciela with the designs and selection of products.

Jessika is the tech-savvy one and has come up with the idea of bringing these products to the United States.  While she resides in the Poconos, her heart is still in Guadalajara, Mexico and she would take any opportunity that she could to return back for a family vacation mixed with a little "business"

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Guadalajara, Mexico 

Poconos, Pennsylvania, USA

Tel: 570-500-2575

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